The Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Working in IT

working in itIn an attempt to clean the clutter from my forever growing Documents folder I discovered something quite interesting that I had written a few years ago, the title of the text file was “Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Working“.  Now on my 14th year of working in IT and embarking on new avenues I thought this is as good an opportunity as any to make this public:

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New Hire Thoughts, IT and the SMB World.

New Hires!Whilst working for a previous company I had the great opportunity to participate in business level activities that I had never previously had a hand in.  One such activity was in the hiring selection process in order to bring new candidates on-board. My manager had preemptively asked for me to compile a list of questions to ask candidates in order to ascertain their suitability to the company and the role.  This couldn’t have been a better time to ask the sorts of questions that I would have liked to have been asked if interviewing for a new job.  Additionally I positioned my thinking from the unique angle of how memorable I could make the interview process for the candidate.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the candidate referred to his interview as having being a profound and changing experience when reminiscing years on.  We can have our fun every now and again…

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Got no patience for sittin’ around!

Career satisfaction, what a fantasy.  I propose that the only way you will ever truly be happy is if you are constantly doing something different at differing periods throughout your life. The mistake that most people make is that they believe that once they have chosen a career that it’s set in rebar-enforced concrete that that is what they will be doing for the rest of their lives.

You have to project 15-20 years down the line and ask yourself “Is this the job I want to be doing at that point?”  Be blatently honest with yourself.

Take a look at the matching careers of other people in your profession that are 15-20 years ahead of you in life and take a moment to analyse, are they happy/unhappy?  Look at their lifestyle.  What do they do for fun?  How do they spend their free time?  How many hours are they putting in at work? Are they jaded with life and can’t find an escape?  Does their life make you think twice about the career that you have now chosen?  Does their career, which they have been following for 15-20 years, reflect what you think your career ‘end-game’ will be 15-20 years down the road?  Be honest. It may be time to start working on an exit strategy.  As the blunt edge of an even blunter object constructively side-sweeps your cranium you must realize that time is marching on and you simply don’t have any more of it to waste…

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Took A Beating, Brushed Myself Off And Carried On Anyway

Okay right from the bat I’m going to be man enough to admit that I failed miserably in my quest to become a self-sustaining money-making power-house as I had intended to in mid-to-late 2009 and as the post beneath this one so publicly professes, but with failure comes success.  After having gone through a, dare I say, challenging 15 months I’ve regained my foothold on a different plateau and established a better life perspective.   I failed in some areas, but succeeded in others and I learned something along the way, this is all that matters…

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Epic Life Changing Moments Before You Hit 30

Have you ever had a massive life changing moment where it was so blatently clear what was happening that you couldn’t help but know what you had to do but you didn’t want to do it?  For me, this is one of those moments.

So recently I was let go from my last employer due to shortage of work as a result of the recession hitting the Oil & Gas sector in Canada.  Not a problem, I thought, as I left on good terms and worked with some great people.  My initial plan was just to hit the job market again and take the first thing that comes up.  I went for a few interviews but I wasn’t attracted or pulled to any of the companies I was applying at.   I decided that that plan wasn’t working for me so I starting applying for very specific jobs based on the company I’d like to work for or jobs that I really wanted but nothing seemed to come through. I asked why, was it my skillset or was it something else?

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You Should Be Using MiniPE

MiniPE is a highly useful bootable CD that can be used to solve a multitude of issues on computers that have OS boot-up issues.  It’s primarily aimed at the Windows crowd but does include some Linux apps.

Download the ISO, burn it to CD, pop it in the drive and boot up off it.

I’ve been using MiniPE for awhile now and have found it to be extremely helpful in certain situations.  In my case mainly in the data recovery or file transfer areas.  If a machine has BSOD’d beyond recoverable hope, chances are high the data is still intact, this CD will allow you to gain access to critical files that you can then backup to an external USB drive.

Okay there’s a plethora of bootable CD’s out there that allow you to do the same thing and this is just another one.